Okay - not THAT kind of dealer -- but a vintage furniture dealer

I have a weird job - the pundits call what I do - being part of the "Gig -Economy."

I sell vintage furniture (mostly mid century modern) - a lot of my stuff goes out of state - a bit goes on ebay - some goes to local dealers and what's left finds its way to Craigslist.

The next blog tells the story of how it all began so I won't rehash it here - however, a fair number of people who buy furniture from me also ask about how I ended up doing this really strange job.

Telling the story is half the fun-- but it doesn't really tell the whole story.

I have written essays off and on over the years in several different mediums from magazines to blogs. (My training and work history pre-kids is in writing which is not something that I can turn off.) I decided to try and track down all the essays I have written that deal with life my as a "Dealer" and collect them in one spot.

The blog entries are not exactly in order, as I run across an essay I wrote recently or years ago that deals with my furniture business, I post it here. Many are older than they seem - I started this furniture business in 2008 and started writing about it soon after that.

When I have something to say - I write it down - it's how I process and capture my thoughts.

I hope you enjoy the blog --

I am a professional writer - I swear - I'm published all over the place - BUT I am the worst with typos! Copy Editors were my best friends... read this blog at your own risk...
Me -- The Dealer