Just Do It

I often talk with people who mention they would like to do what I do.

I always encourage others to try it  – if fact, I have shown ten of my good friends and family members how to get into this type of business, but as of this writing, only one person is still doing it and they are doing it very part-time.


Because, as one of my friends said to me, “… it starts out as amazing fun and then it becomes……work!”

It’s a great job, but it’s not an easy job.

On craigslist alone, I have seen more people than I can count enter this industry and then disappear from the furniture world. Burnout is common. 

It takes space, supplies, know-how, and a lot of physical labor.   

It’s mostly physical labor.

That said, I still think it’s an amazing and fun industry. I encourage anyone who wants to try it to jump in! Everyone has their own creative eye and I love to see what other people do with vintage furniture. 

When vintage furniture is rescued and restored, it’s great for the sake of art, personal creativity and the environment.

So here is what you can look forward to and dread when you take up the furniture restoration business. 

Here are 10 reasons to love it and 10 reasons to avoid it. 

The Best Part of Being a MCM Furniture Dealer (in no particular order)

1. I work at home

2. I set my own hours and take off whenever I want to

3. I love the style of furniture

4. The people I work with make me laugh

5. The transformation of an ugly duckling into a beautiful dresser still amazes me

6. The HUNT -- finding something great

7. Listening to books on CD as I drive and work

8. Being with my kids during my work day

9. Meeting people who collect MCM furniture

10. The friends I have made in the MCM community

The Worst Part of Being a MCM Furniture Dealer

1. Working outside in 90+ degree weather in summer

2. Working outside in below 30 degree weather in winter

3. Moving / arranging large and heavy furniture over and over

4. People who are inconsiderate or waste my time

5. Having to paint or toss a piece that was too far gone to repair

6. Negotiating – I don’t do it but it seems everybody wants to

7. How much space furniture storage takes

8. The physical wear and tear on my body

9. The wear and tear on my van/house (moving items in and out all the time)

10. Not being able to “leave-it-at-the-office”

Basically, it's like any other job - ups and downs, perks and perils.... but overall, I still love it! I hope you will too!

Now you know what is ahead of you – I encourage everyone who is interested to take the plunge!