He Did It!

Alaska was amazing -- had such a great time - and then , when I got home, my half of the garage looked like this:

My "showroom" garage with my 17 year old (yes, he has a top knot - its a soccer thing)
The floor still needs some treatment and the walls need art - but it's ready to go!

I love it - especially the lights! Keep in mind my garage is a hundred + years old)

Lights in the rafters of the "Studio"

From now on - all showings will be out back - my interior house walls, floor and my aching back give huge thanks to Kevin and the kiddos for all their hard labor and sweat!

And now, I gotta get back to work!

See you soon-

A Multitude of Sins

My Grandmother put on a large coat over her stained house dress and left for Sunday services, back when wearing your Sunday-Best meant something. As they left, she turned to her family and said,

"A good coat covers a multitude of sins."

That was over 50 years ago but I often quote her when masking my own "multitude of sins" --

I am an aspiring minimalist yet I am not a big fan of picking up after this household of teenagers or following them around as a giant nag, so things around here are always in a state of flux between orderly and chaos.

I have learned to relax in both settings.

When I walked out to my garage this morning, I saw this:

  And you know -- the dresser I needed to pull out was in the far back corner.

I finagled it out without having to empty the garage - and then I shut the door

It turns out -- "A good garage door, covers a multitude of sins too."

Things You Don’t Expect

In the early years of this job (2008-2011), I primarily met artistic-types – people who bought mid-century seemed to have an eye for aesthetics.  

Almost all of my customers were artists – things like architects, painters, musicians, designers, sculptors, actors, writers, poets, singers, dancers and I even had an opera star.

I had one repeat customer who was a lawyer -- and it was all I could do to keep my mouth shut and not say that he just might be in the wrong field.  (I studied pre-law for a year and it was not a good match, I loved the history and evolution of the law, I hated the details – you do not want a lawyer who is NOT good with details).

Today, I get a little of everything, it’s encouraging to see so many people from all walks of life get into the mid-century style. Back then the majority of my customers were under 30 – now, ages run the spectrum.

However, a large segment of my buyers are people who are starting a family – makes sense – they are nest building.
As interesting as the people are, sometimes what they do with the pieces they buy are just as remarkable.

Most people use them as bars, media centers, changing tables, and sink bases but a few find their way to unique homes.

 I have sold several items to set designers who need period pieces for their play and short movie productions.

Right now, two of my chairs are being used in a Baltimore musical stage production about Bob Marley’s life. The chairs are being used as part of his NYC apartment d├ęcor.

A local perfume company, I can’t remember the name – bought two of my credenza’s to display their wares on.

A sculptor used a Brazilia Credenza, standing on one leg, angled up, as part of his repertoire (I wish I could find the photo he sent!)

One of my favorite things to look at is what I call “Chair-art” -- a new field of artists are using furniture in a whole new way – I love it because my middle son has always done chair art (stacking chairs in odd and amusing ways) …something that I never knew would be appreciated… he was just ahead of his time!

Google - Stacked Chair Art - You will be amazed!