How To Get A Mid Century Dresser For Under $100


This is possible?


But, not from me.

I get regular emails from people looking for a bargain or others who want a MCM dresser that they can customize and they don't want to spend a lot of money on a refinished dresser just to redo it in their own vision.

And, truth be told, even if you want one of my dressers, you have to act fast. 90 percent are sold to dealers and many go out of state.

But...if you are willing to do the leg work, here is the inside scoop on how to get a MCM dresser for $100 or less.

1. Stalk Craigslist - and I mean STALK. Every 90 minutes or less, from 8am to 10pm, check craigslist for NEW listings and use the word "dresser" - don't limit your searches by specifics. Within a few days, you will find a gem that is priced well. They are out there - most of the time they are not listed under "mid century".

When you find it - don't send a lame email that is lukewarm like...

"I might be interested in seeing this dresser... can you tell me more about it..."


"I love your dresser! When can I come purchase it! I definitely want it and will pay your asking price! When are you available? I can be there today!"

Put yourself in the sellers shoes... if you received both of the above emails, who would you respond to?

2. Second hand furniture stores or Thrift Stores are awesome - especially if you are willing to drive to Fort Collins, Greeley or anywhere further North -- the Denver area might not have such great bargains but its worth a try. Stay out of trendy areas and go to low rent areas to see the used furniture...and really look...the more packed the store, the more likely you can find something buried away.

3. Avoid Estate sales but go to Garage Sales. In estate sales the heirs have to get the maximum price (usually to be divided between themselves and the estate agents) - in garage sales people are trying to ditch stuff they don't want - its you or they donate it somewhere. That's when bargaining is a great tool. Again, go North (many of the neighborhoods were built in the 1960s so they have a better selection of vintage from the 1960s).

4. Don't be too picky! Hey, you are trying to spend less than $100 -- you aren't going to get a mint condition George Nelson credenza... but you can still find some cool MCM dressers / credenzas to make a statement in your room.

Most of my things come from Professional Pickers these days but I have successfully and repeatedly used all the methods above to find great MCM items when my inventory was low.

Most need to be refinished, but that is what I do....if you want a bargain, be prepared to work on it a little (see my refinishing blogs).

And Finally....Don't be discouraged! The furniture is out there, but to get a bargain, you have to do the leg work!