The New Year Bucket List - 2016

2015 has been a great year and I'm looking forward to 2016 --

I've made some changes to my furniture business and am getting ready for more...

I have been threatening to bring in more nature/primitive items to compliment the mid century look and add more industrial items as well -- my pickers have interpreted my requests in this way:

I asked for Industrial and they brought stuff like this:

Hmmm..... not exactly what I had in mind... I was thinking more like this....

So then I asked for nature / primitive items and I got this:

They missed the mark by about a mile....I was thinking more like this:

Needless to say my fantasy is not in alignment with reality -- people don't toss out cool Industrial and Primitive furniture

...but I know it's out there, being under appreciated by someone, buried under old army blankets and motor oil...left to decay in the vintage furniture just waiting to be restored ---

In 2016, I have vowed to get back to the hunt -- find some sources for vintage primitive and industrial furniture with the simple mod lines that I love....

If this is your "thing" - then 2016 will be a great furniture year for you - ...see you soon

Don't Mess With My Wine....

A few weeks ago, I had a beautiful MCM Dresser posted on craigslist for $220  - after an exchange of about 8 emails and texts, I set a time for a customer to see it.

They cancelled at the last minute and rescheduled for an hour later. I agreed to wait (things happen out of our control, I try to be understanding.)

Then, they were about thirty minutes late for the next appointment.

I had plans, so the rest of my family set out to an event and I waited around for the customer and decided to be late to the party.

They came, visited for a while, looked it over - loved it and then said:

"We brought $150 cash with us - that's all we will pay."

I sent them on their way and sold the dresser for full price to another customer who came the next morning.

The first couple was pretty bent out of shape that I wouldn't take their $150...a few weeks ago I had a lady storm off cussing at me when I wouldn't take $100 for a dresser that was priced at $180.

It's nothing new, I have been doing this almost 8 years and most people (99%) are pretty cool, but occasionally I get the aggressive, pushy people and frankly....

I'm over it.

I wasted 3 hours of my day for the $150 couple and I was late to a party I was really looking forward too, plus I had to drive myself home which means I couldn't have more than 1 glass of wine.

When work interferes with my drinking...
Well, that was proof positive that things have to change!

...I just have to work smarter. So.....

If you are looking at items I post on craigslist, you will start seeing this quasi-abrasive line in the description:

-- firm on price (I hate haggling so I set the price for the lowest I can accept -  thanks for understanding)

I tried to say it as nice as I could, but there is no delicate way to say, prices are firm, quit making offers, I never take them, don't waste both of our time!

At least, in this post, I can explain my pricing a little better.

First, I know its craigslist and everyone is looking for a bargain.

If you compare my prices to any store, you will see that I am way less than half of what they are asking for the same items (no overhead, no extra cost).

It is the stated goal of my business to make mid century furniture affordable, and keep costs reasonable. I feel strongly about not gouging people- so when I set a price, its fair and reasonable.

I don't negotiate, I have no built in price hike to wiggle down - I set a more than fair price and I'm sticking to it. I always have, I always will...

So, starting in 2016, when I get the emails that make low offers or any offers, I have decided not to return those emails. I have always explained that I don't negotiate in these emails but really its just a time-sucking exercise.

Now, my "price is firm" explanation will be on the ad. If the customer doesn't read the ad, then they aren't serious and I won't feel bad about ignoring their email.

I have to start using my time wisely - its partly my fault for not putting the line in the ads earlier.

Mistakes have been made on all sides...

Here is to clearer communication in 2016!

Have a Merry Christmas!!

My favorite mod / minimalist Trees of 2015

PVC pipe cut in circles with ornaments inside each circle

Mixing Mid Century with Modern

Mixing Mid Century with Modern - What does this mean?

It means that vintage items don't always work and sometimes you have to break down and go to the Container Store.
Vintage MCM End Table with Container Store Floating Bookshelves
Obviously, with the weather and both of my garages snowed in, I have a lot of time on my hands.

Instead of working, I will write about my bedroom. (Yawn! Only interesting for me, but it is my blog.)  
This is the "bedroom" when we used it as a Dining Room when the kids were small

As I mentioned in earlier posts, it's a 10' x 10' room that one must walk through to get to the bathroom. It's really an old study but we have re-purposed it, first as a dining room to open up the living area, and then as a bedroom so that the kid's have the upstairs rooms and we are on the Main floor.

When we first moved it down, it was strictly utilitarian in nature - a place to sleep.

The kid's favorite spot to rest - just a bed and dresser crammed in a room
Being such a small room, floor space is at a premium.

I had matching MCM nightstands next to each side of the bed and it looked okay but really crowded.

I tried a Low Mid Century Dresser on one side and it looked terrible, but was useful.

We just needed lights to read by, a place to throw books, and a place to charge our phones and IPads.

The Container Store came through:

Acrylic shelves on each side and a floating bookshelf below - PERFECT!
 The other problem was a giant window on the left of the room that make our Mid Century walnut headboard look off center.

Solved with an extra curtain over the wall - makes it look like two windows instead of one. We added drop down pendant lights to read by... and our favorite saying (written in Japanese) over the bed.

Finally the room looks balanced
So we spent a day, and a crap load of money (about $450 in all) to make this "hallway" bedroom look decent. It's not the natural/airy room that I was originally thinking about, but we like it and it works.

Now I have to paint the walls - the old sage color needs a transformation. It could take some time before I feel the urge.

How the bedroom looks in its natural state - I can always find a kid or two here

Not perfect, but better than before - I love small space living because it forces me to pare down to the essentials - and to me, simplicity always looks best.