Text Me Please...

The other day I heard a voice talking in my oldest son's room.

I knew he was alone in there so I knocked on the door and opened it.


Why is that in all caps? Because he NEVER talks on the phone - he's a junior in High School and this was the first time I heard him actually talk to a friend on the phone.

He informed me, as though talking-on-the-phone was a new thing he invented, that it is easier to talk than text with his girlfriend. Apparently, talking on the phone is a "new" thing to the kids and, according to him, so much more efficient.

I disagree.

Even when I had to use the small keypads on the old flip phones, I embraced texting technology whole-heartily. It is so freeing from the polite chit chat and required formalities that talking on the phone requires.

I was talking with Mid Century Mike the other day (he's is awesome - we do the same sort of business - if you haven't been to his place you should go see his stuff - http://www.midcenturymike.com/) - we've been friends for years - and he agrees with my son.

When he sets appointments for people to see his furniture, he prefers to talk with them on the phone first.

I'm exactly the opposite - unless you are my sister, mother, kid or husband, I'm not picking up the phone. In fact, I'm really sorry about this, I rarely return voice mail. Primarily because I forget it's there and rarely check it.

Email and text both come to my phone and I'm lightening-fast at responding - or at least 95% of the time I'm fast at responding, but sometimes my non-working life takes me away from the phone and I can be a little slow to answer.

But really...Text and email is the ONLY way to reach me and the BEST way to reach me.

If calling on the phone becomes the "New Cool" thing for the new hipsters, then, sadly, I will be one of those old people still using that old-fashioned thing called texting....