To Clear Up Some Confusion....

What is my "Real" Name?

It's Marla.

It's a weird name, what makes it even more complicated is that a few of you know me as "Kat."

I haven't used that name in a long, long time - it's a work name - made up strictly for my convenience and now its become a bit of a suspicious moniker.

It began about six years ago - if you've read my post, "How to Get a Mid Century Dresser for under $100"  - then you know I used to buy a lot of MCM items in terrible condition off Craigslist and refinish them.

When I first began buying off Craigslist, I would get emails that confused me. I was also selling items and many times I would respond to an email inappropriately with a comment like, "Would you like to set a time to see it?" to someone who was selling an item.
Something is rotten in the state of Denmark...

Other times I would write, "When can I come take a look?" to someone who wanted to see something I had for sale. It happened a lot.

I thought I could fix that mix-up by adding a new gmail account. I had no idea what to call it and at that moment I was reading about Kathmandu so Katmandu became the email name. (Yes, I know, I spelled it wrong - I am the Typo Queen!)

It worked well until I started using my phone to read and answer my mail - on my phone the emails were all dumped into the same inbox and I couldn't always tell which was which. I got another brilliant idea, I would sign all my "buying" emails with the name Kat (Katmandu) - it made sense.

Many times people would write back and say, "Hi Kat" and then I knew it was an email from someone I was buying worked well and it didn't matter if the people I was buying from thought my name was Kat - I would never see them again!

That went on for a long time and then I stopped buying off Craigslist for the most part. The prices for things that needed to be refinished got too high and by then I was getting plenty of items from my pickers so it just naturally came to a close.

Occasionally I get people who come over to buy something or emails that say, "I thought your name was Kat." Either I had purchased something from them in the past or from a friend of theirs - its not a big deal but it makes me look like I'm acting "fishy" --

 And then there was yesterday.

On Saturday my house was empty. The oldest boy was with his girlfriend all day and my husband had taken the other two to a High School basketball game. With all the sickness around here, I hadn't worked on furniture in a while so I stayed home to "work"....

After about an hour on "Youtube," another hour playing around on Netflix and generally killing time I decided to get-to-it, but I didn't want to leave the couch. So, I switched over to surfing Craigslist. 

In a few minutes I found two MCM dressers for under $100 (I told you its possible!) that needed to be refinished. It's much easier to go get furniture and call it "working" than to actually pull out one of the thirty items I already have in the garage and work on it.

I used my old Katmandu email. Both people I purchased from called me "Kat" but then asked if I was "msk" on Craigslist. I have been doing this a long time and it turns out most MCM collectors know me or know who I am.

It got a bit awkward because it was hard to explain the names Marla and Kat....either way I end up looking like either a criminal with an alias, which would be kinda cool, or a full-on-flakey-weirdo, which is what I think actually happened.

The name Kat has officially retired.