Spring Break

Tomorrow we head to Laguna Beach  for Spring Break sans the husband who at the last minute got buried with work and decided to stay home....boo!

I will see you next weekend!

I Did it!

If you read this blog, you know that I talk and talk about the 30+ items I have in my garages that I never get too....well...

I got 26 of those bad boys posted in 3 days!

I have 5 that didn't make the cut -- I need my "guy-that-sands" to come back for another day of work and then I will have my back log posted!

I had to use the good weather to my advantage before I drop into a depression with the snow that's coming -

I also junked a few pieces that I will never get too - I love cleaning out the garages, I'm now getting into Spring-Mode!

.......................My writing of this post was interrupted by a picker who brought three new things - two are Mid Century.

I'm back at 8 un-posted items and by Saturday I will be at 15 with a new truckload on its way from the western slope but still....I'm back to work! I have to celebrate the small victories when I can!

Snowman I made Thursday 3/17
Snowman Today 3/22/2016

UPDATE - Izyy in yard today 3/23/2016

MIA in March

Did you notice that I was MIA?

Where have I been this week?

  • Shivering,
  • At lunches,
  • Planning Spring Break activities,
  • Visiting my brother-in-law's family who was in town for a day,
  • Taking baths (three in all),
  • On long walks (over 10 miles this week)
I didn't know I was taking the week off, but that is what happened.

So, I have exactly one week to get furniture posted and sold and make room for another truck load on Saturday.  On Easter I fly to Laguna Beach for Spring Break with the kids.

I KNOW I will get emails telling me not to post vacation plans, but sadly it won't matter. Kevin can't come with us and he works at home too, so he will be holding down the fort.

March is a month that I dread. I usually plan my physical and emotional break-downs for March, because even if I don't plan them, they happen.

I thought I was doing okay and then, BLAM, on Monday I planted my butt on the couch and my work ethic evaporated.

Maybe it's the warmth followed by cold, or the hope of Spring shot down with a snow storm, or just the effing wind that saps my strength and holds me hostage.

It used to frustrate me that I would collapse in March, but now I understand that March must be endured.

All that to say, I will be posting about twenty new items when the snow stops and when the caffeine I am currently chugging kicks in...

See you soon!

My Corner of the World

Furniture can be like a pet, after a while you start to look alike.

I have a corner on the couch where I sit with a mcm lamp, acrylic end table and then all my paraphernalia thrown in.

Even when I'm not sitting there catching up on paperwork, emails and projects, it still looks like me.

It has been my cozy winter nest that I look forward to transferring out to the patio where I make my summer nesting spot.

Yesterday I had my tea out on the patio for the first time this year....the change is coming

See you soon!


I had an interesting week - it seems all my suppliers have raised their prices for mid century furniture about 200% -- that is for items that need to be refinished!

One of my pickers, completely flaked out on me, --we agreed on a price, then he backed out thinking he could get more -- he stopped returning calls and then came back and tried to raise the prices, even though he had no other offers. I have been doing business with this guy for a long, long time, helped him out many times. Instead of battling it out, I stopped returning his texts.

It's not the first time he has backed out of an agreed upon deal. I think I'm done with him, which means a source is gone, he was an annoying source, but a source.

I am all for the little guy making the best of what he has, but when I'm offered a mcm dresser for a stupidly high price --keep in mind that they need to be completely refinished, usually have chips and are only average in the coolness department -- I balk.

That means I would have to sell it for at least $500 to make any profit after all the time, refinishing and products are put into it. No Thanks.

Instead of paying extortion-like prices, I bought a truckload of furniture from another guy that has a few cool pieces in it, but was mostly normal furniture. Then, I spent the rest of the week in a panic, not sure what to do with all these new things that are not antiques, vintage or mid century.

They are still sitting in my garage. I have no expertise in refinishing these types of pieces so my anger and irritation came back on me and bit me in the ankle.

Then, I went out for a day, to pick for myself, and it was a disaster.

So I came home and started the Nexflix series, Season 4 of House of Cards.  I'm on episode 8.

That was my week......