Love My Buyers...

An idea of what is coming....
So...I had some past customers who were buying from me in the early days -- 2008, 2009, etc.... when they were pregnant with their first baby. They bought some cool MCM items including Sculptra Dressers, a Brasilia Dining Set and a 1960s awesome stereo console.

I heard from them this past week, they are divesting of their MCM items and moving to a farm.

Normally, I don't buy from past customers because I can't pay the market value and then fix up and resell them....but they gave me an offer I couldn't refuse.

So...I rented a Home Depo giant van and went to Meade, CO last week and bought 3 dressers, a stereo and a dining set.

The crazy part was to see how their family has grown and changed, they have a child in elementary school and another boy who is four - I think they said they have moved twice (they started in Wheatridge) and are now building a new home on a family-owned farm.

Wow! I forgot how quickly life can change in 8-9 years....

I will get the items refinished and posted after my family's trip to Europe (Woo Hoo, we leave Friday!) -- we will be back on August 8 -- now we all have something to look forward to!

My nieces and nephews will be staying at my house -- be sure to stop by and join the party, but don't break anything!!