Moving Slowly....

Spent a nice Thanksgiving holiday with my brother-in-law and his family in Kansas - now we are back and I have to get my act together for the next holiday.

Suffering a serious depression over national politics - but I have been on a news "fast", since the idiot-clown was elected and that has helped. Avoiding all news won't change the stupidity of this nation, but it helps me cope and not fall into a daily heavy depression.

I'm normally an upbeat person, but this past year of chaos and meanness has really taken a toll. I will concentrate on being happy that I am in a state with a majority of like-minded individuals who aren't morons. Thank you Colorado!

(I can't be neutral, not even for business, if you don't like my politics, don't buy from me. Go pay more from someone else. I'm good with that! It's a small revenge but I'm at peace with it.)

I will be posting a lot of furniture for the next three weeks, before my kids are on Xmas break - then I go pretty quiet through the New Year.

Okay - let's talk furniture.... another MCM flashback!

Have you seen this before?

I call them "Petite Mid Century Bookshelves."

There are a lot of them.

From what I can gather, they were bookcases for encyclopedia sets.

I'm not sure if they were provided by the encyclopedia companies or if they were after market items but there are so many of these little shelves that I have to guess they were included in the set.

I'm not seeing as many as I used to - they are such great little bookshelves that you can stick anywhere - I used to have two in my house, but in my effort to declutter, I have donated most of my books (only keep the ones I am currently reading) and so I got rid of the shelves.

If you see one, grab it! They are now very trendy to re-purpose as magazine racks!