Merry Christmas

It's Christmas Eve 2016
Best Christmas Tree Ever!

I'm not one to look back (even through I deal in vintage furniture) - instead I'm looking forward to the next year.

2017 is the year that my oldest will graduate High School. When he was a baby, we calculated his graduation year and 2017 seemed impossibly far away.

2017 is the year I turn 50  - I'm not dreading it, I have been amazingly chill about aging. It surprises me but I'm glad to discover that about myself (Although there was that 3 months when I wanted my nose pierced -  it happened about the time I turned maybe I panic a little.)

2017 is the year I plan to travel to Cuba in March, back to Quebec City for more immersion classes mid-year and maybe Thailand next Christmas (jury is out on that) and who knows where else. I'm a last minute travel plan-maker.

Simple Christmas Tree 2017
2017 will be hard for my Dad who was just diagnosed with a rare, aggressive cancer, but I am happy to know I will still have him as we turn the calendar to 2017. I have the luck of knowing that our time together is limited so I can make the most of it, I am looking forward to the great times and conversations we will have in 2017.

In 2017 Kevin and I will celebrate 27 years of marriage (holy cow!) and 26 years in this house together - he is still my best friend and an amazing partner in this child-raising hobby that we share.

I have just signed up for an international book club in 2017, and a Bitch and Stitch group - (I actually hate sewing, knitting etc... but I love hanging around other women and laughing with a glass of wine) plus my French Group has decided to be a French/Theatre group (watching, not acting). Now I just need a group that plays pinochle....

In February 2017, I will have been in the mid century furniture business for 9 years - the longest career I've had (I tended to job jump every 2-3 years back in the dotcom/technology boom decade).

What a gift this job has been, I have met so many great people, shared laughs, restored some amazing furniture (which is my contribution to the world of art.) The flexibility of my work has allowed me to go to all my kids class parties, concerts, games and field trips.

I look forward to continuing in this business for another year, I have expanded into reupholstering MCM chairs and adding other cool vintage pieces to my inventory. I will be adding a new picker to the mix in January and seeing what he brings to the table.

2017 is shaping up to be a great year - even though I know life can really send some knock-down punches (like the idiot clown taking the white house - I'm still furious) , I will celebrate the anticipation of all the good things that 2017 will hold!

Thank you to all my friends / customers who have made this past year great and I look forward to seeing you in 2017!



I've talked about it on this blog before.

hygge (hooh-ga)

 My family loves to light candles, hang out covered with blankets on the couch, or curl up with a hot beverage ...


During the holiday season, I haven't found a lot of time for this type of hygge.

I've been gone from home a lot  - my Dad isn't well.

It's been sudden and unexpected.


Lately I've been seeing hygge in unusal places.

Like driving the highway at night on the way home from the hospital

Or in the smallest and simplest of decorations...

But the best kind of hygge doesn't need good lighting, warmth or comfort.... it can be found in hospital halls under glaring florescents and linoleum floors.

It looks like this:

 I am blessed.

The Ditch Dance

Snow, snow, snow!

I had big plans today - my garage is so packed that I am using the front room in my house to store the overload. It all needs to be sorted and posted, but it snowed!

So instead of working today, I did my happy Ditch Dance!

I ditched sorting the furniture, gluing drawers, tightening screws, changing hardware, instead I went with Kevin for a long bundled-up walk in fresh powder from our house to Washington Park!
I ditched pulling out and polishing up furniture in the 3 degree weather and taking photos, instead I went to breakfast with Kevin at Luciles! (yeah, no wait!!)

I ditched cropping and sorting my photos and posting them on craigslist and instead watched "A Man Called Ove." 

I ditched my end of year paperwork, spreadsheets and tax reporting, instead I made Chili and hot chocolate!

The best part of working for myself is when I can do the Ditch Dance!

The worst part is that today I am more behind than before and must brave the cold, catch up on paperwork and exercise to reduce the effects of Pain Perdu with cinnamon maple syrup....

Totally worth it!

See you soon