The Ditch Dance

Snow, snow, snow!

I had big plans today - my garage is so packed that I am using the front room in my house to store the overload. It all needs to be sorted and posted, but it snowed!

So instead of working today, I did my happy Ditch Dance!

I ditched sorting the furniture, gluing drawers, tightening screws, changing hardware, instead I went with Kevin for a long bundled-up walk in fresh powder from our house to Washington Park!
I ditched pulling out and polishing up furniture in the 3 degree weather and taking photos, instead I went to breakfast with Kevin at Luciles! (yeah, no wait!!)

I ditched cropping and sorting my photos and posting them on craigslist and instead watched "A Man Called Ove." 

I ditched my end of year paperwork, spreadsheets and tax reporting, instead I made Chili and hot chocolate!

The best part of working for myself is when I can do the Ditch Dance!

The worst part is that today I am more behind than before and must brave the cold, catch up on paperwork and exercise to reduce the effects of Pain Perdu with cinnamon maple syrup....

Totally worth it!

See you soon