I Named Something!

It's silly, but I find it very rewarding.

When I search the internet looking for information on a dresser, many times I find pictures of dressers that I have sold and forgotten FROM my OWN BLOG!

The Diamond Series
But that's not what I find rewarding...the fact that I "named" several of these items and my "names" are now being used by the Mid Century World...I find that, rewarding.

Many great dressers from the 60s don't have Manufacturer names or Series names...so...I made up my own as a way of describing the dresser.

I have my "Diamond Series" my "Floating Series" my "Woven Series"...I'm not claiming that I am the only person who invented these names, but I do see my own blog as a reference for many dealers out there who use my invented, descriptive names as the actual Series name.
My "Floating" Series by Lane

I like that!

It does no harm and gives some nameless dressers the recognition they deserve!