May, Prom & Furniture!

Yay! We made it through April! Happy, Happy May!

Prom was a success despite the freak-snow storm. Both boys and their girlfriends made it through the After-Prom party without falling asleep but when they got home at 4am - neither were able to talk except to say, "I'm so tired."
This photo is so my 2nd son - he can't do anything traditional
They would be so annoyed if they knew I had their photos on this blog - but too bad for them!

Doing their best James Bond
It was the only Prom they will be at together.

The oldest graduates in 3 weeks (Dear God, Please let him graduate ...he is fully checked out these last two months!) and the one on the left is a Sophomore with a girlfriend who is a Junior. So it was luck that threw them together at the dance.

I filled out the calendar for May - and it is daunting. Graduation activities, play rehearsals and soccer games will keep us hopping through June 4th.

Which leads me to Furniture! I am working all month and have several nice items coming up BUT I will have to fit work around my LIFE schedule so it will be hit and miss.

My oldest will start working for me full-time in June so expect a radical increase in MCM and other Vintage items this summer. Until then, I will muddle through, doing what I can to bring you the best stuff!

Thanks for letting me Mom-Brag about my kids...See you soon!


P.S. - Izzy and I finally saw the new Beauty and the Beast - with (hold your breath - Izzy just loves her) - Emma Watson!

Hmmm... its a repeat of the animated version with people. About as original as a sneeze. Just my 2 cents.