Adventure vs. Traditional

This 1830s-1860s Antique Sheraton Solid Cherry Dresser came to me 2 months ago. The reason that is remarkable is because it just sold yesterday. I never have items for 2 months - I price items well and they sell quickly.

A lovely family who were from back east bought it - and really appreciated the history of the old dresser...the irregular handmade dovetails, the hand-forged nails, the hand-planed marks and chisel marks that can seen on the back and some peg joinery.

There is even a handwritten sticker in the drawer that says it's a Sheraton Dresser that was bought in 1956 for $145 which in 2017 dollars is the equivalent of $1306.26 - it was purchased from a woman in Pennsylvania. 

I have noticed there is something about really old antiques that just don't "sing" to us natives of the West. I had a 1750's slant desk one time and it took 4 months to sell. Items from the last 100 years sell well, but the really old - museum type stuff just doesn't get a lot of local attention.

I think of "Out West" people in a general way as friendly, easy-going and adventurous. I think stereo-typically of the East Coast as very polite, orderly and traditional. So it makes sense that East Coast transplants appreciated this almost 2 hundred year old dresser. It was a rare find.

Yet, I was sorry to see that it took East Coast transplants to appreciate it and the natives weren't interested.

I don't have anything to add to that. It was just something that struck me. Not everything I write has an interesting ending...

See you soon,

Hello Again!

I have often wondered if furniture I sell ever comes back to me to be resold. Then, this teak desk came to me from one of my favorite Pickers.

As I cleaned it up, I saw a minor repair that I had done years and years ago on the edge - there was no doubt in my mind that I had handled that desk before.

It sold quickly so I only had it for a few days - but it was great to see it again!

The Denver / Metro area has 3.4 million people, but it really is just a small town...

June! Summer!

After a two week hiatus - I am looking forward to working this summer!

I have been working but not on furniture -

Repainted my old front porch

Painted side door blue

I had a party last Sunday for my son who  graduated High School.

I spent my first week off doing house projects that were long overdue. Having a large house party is the best way to motivate me to actually care about that piece of missing trim or patch that hole in the wall, etc..

Then, this past week, I had my daughter all to myself because everyone else was gone or busy. Although I intended to work, we ended up just hanging out all week and I loved it. We watched all 5 Terminator movies in 5 days - it became a bit of a chore - but we did it.

The trick to relaxing is to set the proverbial "bar" way low. Feeling a sense of accomplishment from watching a movie series is that kind of bar. 
4 out of 5 of us - middle son was doing the lights for the ceremony.

Now - the garage is packed with great stuff that either needs to be cleaned up, touched up or completely refinished. The pickers show up even when I'm not working so I always get behind when I take time off. Then, I feel overwhelmed with the amount of work ahead of me and I procrastinate.

I'm going to take it slow, but I will start posting new items today and ever day for the next 2 weeks until I take off on a trip at the end of the month. I will return mid-July.

Expect to see scattered commentary here and always, summer is a catch-me-if-you-can time!

Wishing you all a great season of sunshine, family and laughter -

See you soon-