Secret Shed Plans...

Last summer I lost the 2 car garage next door that I had been renting for six or seven years. It was where I stored my furniture. Bummer, but our new neighbor is great and life goes on. I moved the furniture to one half of my garage.

A month ago, I lost a parking spot I was renting from my neighbor on the north when he bought his vintage dream car, a 1988 Mercedes 500 5L, and needed his spot back. I have to wrestle the neighborhood for parking spots. Coming home anytime after 7pm makes finding parking a real challenge.

The spaces out back are for my teen sons - I need them to have a constant and safe place to park. My parking challenge will only last for a few years - as they kids move on I will have plenty of room....but in the meantime...I have made plans for a new shed!!

I want the one on I found on pintrest that I've copied and added to this post. I want it to house furniture, but I love the way it looks so much...I'm not sure I want to clutter it up.

I'm thinking of using it for summer dining and winter furniture storage -- then I can park in my garage.

My plans are brilliant!

Now...I just have to run it past Kevin and get him and the boys to build it....I'll let you know how it goes.

See you soon-