Some Things Are More Important Than Furniture

I think the title says it all.

Amazing day yesterday - the first day that I felt a little of my political-depression lift. I am not alone in the fact that I can not get over this - I cannot "accept it." I will never "come together" and "move forward" - not with this moron megalomaniac at the wheel.

I will be at peace and accept the transition of power if Pence takes the helm. He's not my cup of tea, but at least I can say we only disagree on politics. The dumb-as-rock Cheeto is a danger to our country and my children.

History will judge those who were complicit.

Love will win.

Izzy and I - peacefully resisting tyranny

Love my Neighborhood Moms!

Live Edge Slice Tables

Sorry it's been so long since I had my head in the furniture game -- lots of reasons -- none worth blogging about. Let's just, a fall, hip pain and in those 4 words you have the complete story.

But, I am back - spent a snowy day taking photos and posting the items that are stacking up in my garage. I did take a break for an MLK holiday lunch and a snowy walk with Kevin.

On to furniture...I have a really great piece coming up. A one of a kind live-edge Slice Slab end table - it looks something like this -- it's a vintage piece of wood that is light on the outside and a reddish on the inside.

I'm pretty sure it's redwood, but it could be ash. One guy told me that playing the old-wood guessing game was fun, but its impossible to be 100% conclusive.

I haven't added legs yet and I can't decide between the tapered long wood legs and the hairpin metal legs. I like them both.

I want to keep it because I love live edge wood of any kind and vintage wood slice slabs are even cooler, but I am maxed out on space and use acrylic end tables just to make my small house feel less cluttered.

I want a mansion. Not to live in - I like small space living, but I need 10,000 square feet just to keep the unique items I love.

Check back in a day or two and I will post my table -- by then the decision - wood or steel legs ---will be made.

See you soon...