It's Not Every Day...

It's not everyday I get two McCobb items  AND a Heywood Wakefield in...Friday was a good day.

It used to be I would get items like that regularly, but then the MCM boom hit -- I still get great stuff, just not as "name" brand as McCobb & Heywood!

The Heywood is a tall dresser that is coated in 2 coats of bright purple sander-guy is hating me right now.

Luckily - Heywood Wakefield's are all solid wood and very thick so it's just a matter of time and elbow grease to bring it back to its glory.

I just love these pieces!

The Bad Capitalist

I had a funny experience the other day that has happened before. As a customer was leaving with a dresser they had just bought, they said, "You know, you could have asked twice as much - you sell your stuff too cheap."

Its worth noting because it wasn't the first time or the even the hundredth time that I have heard that from customers, other dealers, family members, or my husband.

And....the way this customer said it, it was kind of a jab at me, like I was too dumb to realize that I could make more money if I... I don't know....maybe...wasn't so out-of-touch. 

Maybe I'm just another bad capitalist. (I love you Bernie, however, apparently, you are a little to the right of me!! : ) 

From the beginning, my philosophy has been to offer great vintage pieces for the best prices that I can - not because I'm clueless  - but because I can!

As long as I can make a living, do what I love, and offer reasonable prices, why wouldn't I?

I find great joy in taking a sad-looking, old dresser and making it beautiful and then finding a buyer who loves it. 

And just for the record, and at the risk of being too vulgar/blunt  --as a vintage furniture dealer I do just fine. It's part of the reason I am still doing this 9 years later.

 For me, it's not about squeezing the last penny out of someone - its about being decent and real -- and fair to both of us, which is why I don't negotiate on price. Being reasonable and fair matters to me ...

I am a small cottage business, I'm not trying to be anything more than that...I don't want to gouge people, and I don't want to be taken advantage of -- I think I have found a happy medium in the way I price furniture.

It's a sad commentary on our culture -- when you try to be decent and fair, some people think you are dumb for not trying to "smash-the-other-guy."

However, the bottom line is that I like what I do....and when it comes down to many people can say that about their job?

I am blessed and I hope you are too when you buy from me and get a good deal...

See you soon,