Back With a Cold

Just got back from another trip to London!

My daughter is graduating 8th grade in May (our baby!) and each kiddo got to pick a trip to anywhere in the world (with a few limits) for their 8th grade gift.

My oldest skied Whistler in Canada for a week, my 2nd son went to Alaska for a week and Izzy picked London --even though she was there 6 months ago.

Why? She is not an adventurous type, she likes schedules, routines, tried-and-true methods - therefore out of all the places she has traveled, London was her favorite (Harry Potter connection? Yes, of course) so back we went!

Sadly, the day we arrived she went down. Sick. Really Sick. For two days she stayed in bed for the most part. Finally she perked up and we squeezed in all the plays, shopping and Harry Potter events that were possible.

Me? I read books and drank tea in the Waldorf Hilton for two days -- not a bad vacation for me at all -- and...well... I ended up in a "Rear Window" type of story.

...maybe through the hotel window I watched an elderly man who lived in the bldg. behind me,
...maybe I know more about him, his routines and his life than I should,
...maybe I was a concerned neighbor,
...maybe I watched him watch TV at night  (he stays up late)
...maybe the police should have been called on me

Maybe, as Izzy said, I'm really "a bit of a creeper."

Who knew what two days alone in a hotel with a sick, sleeping teenager would bring out in me.

I'm as surprised as anyone.


I really miss him.

And now, I have the wicked cold...serves me right

See you soon,


Buried in Furniture

So, I let my garage get a little buried in MCM furniture over the last 10 days or so....

I kept trying to get out there but at first it was the wind, then my "sander-guy" was sick, then I had a lunch scheduled with a friend, then seems I could always find a reason to not work.

But today - I conquered!

I posted 6 items and have several more coming up....I am back in full swing. There is now a path through the garage.

And, it's a good thing. I have another truck coming in early next week so I pulled it together just in time.

Love our beautiful Spring-like weather. I know we have a few snowstorms to go, but being outside on a day like today was a gift-

See you soon,


I Named Something!

It's silly, but I find it very rewarding.

When I search the internet looking for information on a dresser, many times I find pictures of dressers that I have sold and forgotten FROM my OWN BLOG!

The Diamond Series
But that's not what I find rewarding...the fact that I "named" several of these items and my "names" are now being used by the Mid Century World...I find that, rewarding.

Many great dressers from the 60s don't have Manufacturer names or Series made up my own as a way of describing the dresser.

I have my "Diamond Series" my "Floating Series" my "Woven Series"...I'm not claiming that I am the only person who invented these names, but I do see my own blog as a reference for many dealers out there who use my invented, descriptive names as the actual Series name.
My "Floating" Series by Lane

I like that!

It does no harm and gives some nameless dressers the recognition they deserve!